too much waste

Every black, dark or not coloured trash bin means its content mostly goes to landfills. Please separate reusable materials (paper, glass, plastic, tetra-pack and metal) into recycling (coloured) containers, or use your own reusable packaging to reduce waste.


Help us recycle

Trash from trash bins in city centre is going to landfills, so please keep them empty. Separate materials (paper, glass, plastic, tetra-pack and metal) into coloured containers for recycling.

Get free drinking water

Use your own reusable bottle or cup and find a source of fresh drinking water for free, or get a discount on drinks in selected shops. Thank you for helping us keeping our city clean!


Zero waste shopping is cheaper, sustainable, organic, fair and mostly local. Buy or rent refillable or reusable packaging. In zero waste shops you can find not only package free food but also cosmetics (have you ever thought about buying enough toothpaste only for few days?) and cleaning products , as well as other recycled or compostable personal accessories.


Don’t have your own cup but don’t want to buy a new one? Simply rent one and return it before you leave! 🙂  Have a nice stay!

rent a lunchbox

Don’t have your own lunchbox but don’t want to buy a new one? Simply rent one and return it before you leave! 🙂  Have a nice stay!

true straw bro

Need a straw? Use a true one, bro! We-Straw is made from fully compostable natural rye.

other tips

travelling with a dog?

We clean up streets after our dogs. You can find paper bags mainly attached to traffic signs or near trash bins in parks. There is a small cardboard inside. Please read the manual or just bend the cardboard in half and use it as tweezers to pick up your dog’s business. The full bag goes into a regular trash bin or black container.

oats for birds

Are you planning to spend time at Náplavka or renting a boat? Please do no feed swans and ducks in or near the river with bread or pastry. Instead use oat flakes, or even better, enjoy watching them without feeding at all.